Is your organization stuck in the CMMC Seven Stages of Grief? Sadly, the malady is not sarcasm to get you to watch this video.

Just as individuals grieve during a personal loss, organizations and their staff grieve also during culture changes.

CMMC is an incredible and frightening culture changer for many organizations.  Because we specialize in Information Security Turnarounds at Peak InfoSec, helping organizations and individuals work through the CMMC Seven Stages of Grief is a part of our expertise and the focus of this As the CMMC Churns.

This video will explain how these CMMC Stages affect your ability to come into compliance and where you can expect to experience them.  Interestingly, the CMMC Seven Stages of Grief show up at the corporate level, with individuals, and IT staff are even susceptible at the Requirement level.

For the “CMMC Deniers” out there, please watch this video and we hope you realize you are in the Denial phase.

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