Remediation Services

Our clients often engage us as their trusted agent to help resolve issues identified in our assessment.  Our clients do this because during the assessment effort they realize our goal is to always leave an organization in a better, more informed, and capable position to handle new threats.  As a result the trust us with their remediation needs.

Our remediation services shore up an organizations non-technical and technical Information Security requirements.  Many of these services fall under our general consulting practice, below are a few significant areas we support.


Whether your organization is SMBs or a Fortune 100, we have yet to run into an organization that had their 4Ps executing perfectly. In every assessment we have done, we identified issues and gaps that leave the business, employees, and their clients at risk.

Helping businesses to shore up their 4Ps follows a fairly common path:

  1. We identify gaps in their 4Ps through the assessment processes.
  2. Using our bank of Policies, Plans, & Procedures, we work with the firm to tailor them to match their risk tolerance levels.
  3. We work with our clients to educate their employees about the new Policies, Plans, & Procedures.
  4. Most importantly, we work with the respective Plan & Procedure owners to get things into Practice.

The last step is critical because it is what cements the firm’s new culture into place.

Crisis Incident Response

When your business is under attack, you can call on Peak InfoSec Crisis Incident Response Services.  Our Crisis Incident Response Team (CIRT) services are delivered by industry leading expert malware researchers, specialized reverse engineers and forensic investigators. Services include threat assessments, managed malware mitigation services, malware emergency response, incident response, incident handling, communication processes and procedures, and forensic investigation.

We have handled everything from the run-of-the-mill Ransomware events to tracking, cornering, and hunting down Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

Likewise, as a result of services provided under Information Security Program Consulting and Enterprise Information Security Architecture Consulting, we have flushed out and eradicated APTs that were previously undiscovered by our customer’s IT department and other Information Security service providers.

Secured Network Segmentation

Peak InfoSec supported Fortune 100 firms to implement Secured Network Segmentation.  With the evolution of threats, having a Next Generation FireWall (NGFW) at the boundary is no longer enough. Whether in the cloud or On-premises, Peak InfoSec implemented Secured Network Segmentation within an organization’s Intranet, and for some, global intranet.

As a fundamental Information Security practice, our efforts with clients doing Secured Network Segmentation identified, flushed, and smothered an Advanced Persistent Threats previously undiscovered in their network.

Why is it critical? In the case above, the APT was resident on a printer that was incompatible with the Advanced End-Point Protection software on PCs.

Peak InfoSec’s methodology allows us to develop segmentation designs, policies, and the methodology that minimizes impacts to your business.

We have experience with all of the lead NGFW brands like Check Point, Fortinet, Palo Alto & others.

Information Security Turnaround Specialists