Information Security and Technology is becoming increasingly complicated.  If you only consider architecture from an IT perspective, you will miss the structural security elements needed to support the evolving technology infrastructure, emerging legislative regulations, and ever-increasing threats. Also, if you only consider the technical parts of an architecture, you will miss critical non-technical aspects like governance, training, and Incident Response. Additionally, broadly skilled staff is incredibly difficult to attract, hire and retain.

Properly done, an Information Security architecture addresses the necessities and potential risks involved in a certain scenario or environment in a unified, holistic security design. The benefits of an Information Security Architecture/Roadmap for the business include:

  • Provides a logical way to decompose and identify specific activities necessary to strengthen the organization’s data protection.
  • Clearly identifies the necessary security controls and makes auditing easier.
  • Allows projects to be created based upon the architecture that can be managed individually.

Our Approach

The value we provide your organization comes from a focus on understanding your business, driving to meet requirements, and an awareness of your risk tolerance.

Business Goals

Understanding your business allows us to tailor solutions to your needs. Without a clear understanding of an organization’s goals, a solution may not adequately resolve the underlying problem it was built to address.


Designing systems and processes that meet project requirements is at the forefront of our architecture philosophy. Whether we already have the specifications or we’re designing them from the ground up, we focus on creating solutions that will comply with business requirements, standards, and regulations. Some of the compliance standards we handle include: FISMA/FedRAMP, ISO 27001, NIST 800-171, HIPAA and PCI compliance.


Every organization has a unique risk posture. One organization may choose to handle certain classes of risks in one way, while another organization chooses a different method. Neither decision makes sense unless placed within the framework of the organization’s entire information security program for risk management. We understand this contextual nature of system design, and we build solutions that fit with your individual risk management methodology.

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