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The Blogs & Vlogs on this page represent one of our core values:  Pass on our knowledge to both businesses and the Information Security community.  Our goal is to leave the up and coming generation of Information Security Professionals and their C-Suite executives better prepared for future Information Security risks.

Why?  Because there is nothing really new under the sun and we have found the lessons of our past are just as applicable today.  We have found lessons dating back to mainframes, bus-and-tag, and dial-up connections still apply today.

The Blogs, Vlogs, and other content on the site reflect that commitment.

Please provide us your comments, feedback, and add in your wisdom via our comments.

As the CMMC Churns and the Quest for the Lost Families of NIST

Are you ready to go on a CMMC Quest? We will be looking for the lost Families of NIST. A whirlwind tour through NIST SP 800-171 Appendix E, Tailoring. While not as exciting as being thrown into a pit of snakes, it is definitely in play today as NIST SP 800-171 begins the Revision process. Likewise, for businesses [...]

As the CMMC Churns: Good, Fast, or Cheap. Pick one, Punk!

So many Defense Industry organizations are making critical and costly errors. Are you? They fail to recognize the fundamental acquisition relationship between Good, Fast, or Cheap when it comes to implementing NISR SP 800-171 requirements to satisfy CMMC. In this episode of As the CMMC Churns, we channel a bit of spaghetti westerns to explain the relation between [...]

As the CMMC Churns: 800-171A Sentences

Is your organization struggling with applying NIST SP 800-171A Assessment Objectives? This vlog builds on our previous one on Assessment Objective verbs (highly recommend watching that one first).  In this we look at the actual Assessment Objectives of a practice and twist the sentence structure around to be more beneficial for three different use cases: your policies, your [...]

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