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Qualified CMMC Certification Assessors are scarce these days, and you want the confidence to know you will be successful as you embark on your CMMC certification journey.

Why Choose Peak InfoSec for your CMMC journey?

  • CMMC is tough.
  • Getting CMMC wrong can detrimental for your business.
  • You need a real professional to help on your journey.
Peak InfoSec is an approved CMMC 3rd Party Assessing Organization (C3PAO). Our founder, Matthew Titcombe, is a 25+ year Information Security & Technology veteran including an information security turnaround specialist within the Air Force, was a team member on the CMMC Industry Standards Working Group that drafted the initial and supported subsequent reviews of the DoD published CMMC Assessment Guides. He was also the 17th CMMC-AB approved Provisional Assessor in the country and a highly-regarded subject matter expert supporting two licensed publishers that develop certified training materials for CMMC Certified Practitioners and Certified Assessors.


Matthew has been brought into consult with organizations across the globe like United Launch Alliance, Sony, ConocoPhillips, and Munich Re-Insurance. He also meets with industry leaders form Microsoft and Amazon Web Services on their adoption of CMMC, and is a sought after speaker on the topic.

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