“To Enclave or not to Enclave, that is the question…”

In this “As the CMMC Churns,” we look into “enclaving.” We also look into the most common pitfalls businesses do when making an enclaving decision–falling back into thinking this is an IT problem.

This episode builds on two previous Churns episodes:

  1. How to apply the NIST SP 800-171 Scope of Applicability (https://peakinfosec.com/as-the-cmmc-churns/as-the-cmmc-churns-nist-sp-800-171-scope-of-applicability/)
  2. The Three Descoping Methods (https://peakinfosec.com/as-the-cmmc-churns/as-the-cmmc-churns-the-three-descoping-methods/)

Upcoming “As the CMMC Churns” Episodes:

  • 12 Jan: OT & IIOT Security for CMMC
  • 19 Jan: Documenting your Scope
  • 26 Jan: Apple Macs and CMMC
  • 2 Feb: DIBCAC Frequent Gaps

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