How will the changes to the CMMC Rule going final affect your business?

This special edition of As the CMMC Churns will help to clarify.

Matt Titcombe, the CEO of Peak InfoSec will put on his old Air Force Program Manager hat to explain. By setting the backdrop of the Defense Acquisition System and the Federal Government’s Fiscal Year timelines, business executives will get a sense of the two timelines for when CMMC–the 3rd party certification of your organization’s implementation of NIST SP 800-171–will come into effect. Shmaybe.

Upcoming “As the CMMC Churns” Episodes:

  • 19 Jan: OT & IIOT Security for CMMC
  • 26 Jan: Documenting your Scope
  • 2 Feb: Apple Macs and CMMC
  • 9 Feb: DIBCAC Frequent Gaps

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