Peak InfoSec announces partnership with Gigit Inc.

Peak InfoSec announced its partnership on 22 January 2020 with Gigit Inc.

Gigit, Inc. (, a cybersecurity services firm that ensures cybersecurity compliance and reduces cybersecurity risk through its testing, assessment, and consulting.

Peak InfoSec’s founder and CEO, Matthew Titcombe, a highly-regarded and certified 25+-year InfoSec veteran, has become Gigit’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Mr. Titcombe played a pivotal role assisting companies and well-known brands navigate the pitfalls of compliance, data protection, and network security.

“Partnering with Gigit is a natural fit. There is a tidal wave of CMMC work coming our way, the Gigit/Peak InfoSec partnership will bring more resources to Defense contractors and ready them for Conformity Assessments,” said Mr. Titcombe. “My transition to Gigit CISO now allows me to focus exclusively on Information Security consulting and formal cybersecurity assessment services.”

“From a strategic point of view, this partnership strongly positions Gigit to serve the Department of Defense space,” said Gigit CEO David Jacobs. “Matt is on the cutting edge of the CMMC DoD requirements, which will soon expand throughout the federal government sector, so we are thrilled to have him join us as our CISO.”